The school recognises that there are pupils who have Special Educational Needs (SEN) in some or all areas of the curriculum.  We recognise that these needs have different causes, can include emotional, behavioural or social needs as well as academic, and that they may be temporary or permanent. Children with SEN have their needs met in mainstream schools wherever practically and physically possible. Laycock Primary school believes that the culture, practice, management and deployment of resources in a school should be designed to ensure that all its pupils’ needs are met, that they receive equality of opportunity and that they are able to realise their potential.  This includes Able and Talented children.

The SENDCo works closely with teachers, identifying and monitoring children with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, behavioural difficulties, the able and the talented.  We work with outside agencies and other specialist support staff to provide help and advice where appropriate.

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Laycock Primary School Local Offer 2021-2022

Please find the School SEN policy on the school policy page, this can be found by clicking here.

Bradford Local offer

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Our School SENDCo is Rachel Davies who can be contacted via the school office or via email:


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