All schools are required to submit attendance figures to the Department for Education. Parents and carers are legally responsible for ensuring their children attend school regularly and schools are responsible for making sure children receive a good education. It is important that children and young people regularly attend school because every school day counts. Parents can demonstrate their commitment to their child’s education by not taking them out of school in term time for holidays.

Regular attendance is essential in order to benefit fully from the educational and social opportunities offered.  We do not authorise days off from school as a general rule. Dental and medical appointments should be made after school wherever possible.  Erratic attendance sets a bad example and pupils who have poor attendance miss teaching and their progress suffers.  The minimum expected attendance over the year is 97%.

Absence from School:

If your child is ill it is essential that you inform the school by 9.00 am on the same day, by telephone or email. We need to know why your child is absent, for whatever reason, so that the Attendance Regulations can be met by the school.

If a child is absent from school without notification, you will be contacted by the school on the first day of absence so that registers can be updated. Authorised absences include illness, emergency medical appointments, special days for religious observance or exceptional circumstances with prior permission from the Head Teacher.  No holidays should be taken in school times as this disrupts your child’s education and will not be authorised.