Vision statement


Vision Statement:

All children are entitled to reach their full potential as unique individuals in order to be prepared for a positive future.  It is our vision to achieve this for all our pupils.


Our ethos is to embed positive models of understanding, respect, good manners and behaviour in all we do so that Laycock Primary School and all the people in it are proud of where they belong.

We incorporate the six principles of “Nurturing Schools” into all our practice, which are:

1- Children’s learning is understood developmentally;

2- The Classroom offers a safe base;

3- We understand the importance of nurture for the development of well-being;

4- We know that language is a vital means of communication;

5- We understand that all behaviour is communication;

6- We acknowledge the importance of transition in children’s lives.

We continue to raise achievement and levels of attainment by setting high standards of teaching and learning throughout school;

We want children to make progress in every lesson every day;

We provide a safe, caring and stimulating learning and working environment for all

We promote and foster links within our locality in order to establish a trusting and friendly relationship with the community so that we work together for the good of the children.