Remote Learning Information

At Laycock Primary School we recognise the challenges that families have faced, and continue to face during this pandemic and we continue to endeavour to support you with your children’s education, whether on our school site or when learning at home. During this time, we endeavour to provide the highest quality learning opportunities for ALL our pupils.

We all know that keeping children in good routines and continuing with regular learning during the period that schools are closed, is of great importance, as this will reduce the impact of school closures on children’s education, as well as their mental health and wellbeing. We understand that everyone’s circumstances at home will be different. Some families have one child to support while others have several. Some families have one device to share while others may have more – and some things may work differently on different devices. Some parents will have plenty of time to help their children learn, while others will be working from home and may have much less time and some children will be able to work more independently than others or need greater challenge. We want you to know that whatever ypour circumstances we are here to support you.

Our remote learning approach can be found here:

Remote Learning Information for Parents